NaNoWriMo – Day 25

Yay! I’ve finally made it over the halfway mark – 25 1/4 hours. Now to cram the other 25 hours into the remaining five days…

You can do it, Kate! I know you can! (Whoops! Did I say that out loud? No wonder you’re looking at me funny…)

Anyway, time for bed.

Goodnight Wrimos!

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NaNoWriMo – Day 24

Just 1 1/4 hours tonight – bringing my total to 23 hours. By now I was hoping to be closer to 40 hours… So 27 hours in six days? That’s only 4.5 hours per day…


Anyway, tomorrow is another day…

Goodnight Wrimos!

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NaNoWriMo – Day 23

I’m finally back. Did you miss me? I don’t know where the time has gone but it wasn’t spent writing, I know that much…

Actually, I told a little lie then. I DO know where the time has gone… I had a birthday last week, and so far I’ve celebrated it about three times (LOL), and the Christmas panic has already started at work so everything is urgent, and frankly I’m just knackered. However, giving in to the knackered–ness will NOT help me get over the line.

So, I managed 1.5 hours of mainly research tonight, bringing my total hours to 21,750, so some progress at least… I hope you’re all doing better than I am!

Goodnight, Wrimos…

NaNoWriMo – Day 16

Another 1 1/2 hours tonight, bringing my total to 20 1/4 hours. I keep finding little historical facts that are wrong – but that’s why you check that stuff, I suppose! However, I will be glad when I’ve fixed those bits because apart from a bit more tidying up, that’s really all that’s left before I release it into the wild – or at least, to a couple of trusty readers…

Anyway, I’m getting there. This week could be a bit tricky as my birthday’s coming up (and, naturally, the celebrations could go on for quite some time (LOL)) and I have a full weekend as well…

Still plenty of time though, so she’ll be right (a bit of Aussie slang there for you!)

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NaNoWriMo – Day 15

So much for getting lots of writing/editing done during the weekend… Not only was I totally knackered after a busy week at work, but it was stinking hot and I had to CLEAN and do WASHING and boring domestic stuff like that which basically took up a whole chunk of my time. So I only managed to add a measly two hours to my total. Sigh. Oh well, I’ll just have to push myself harder over the next few days…

I’m nearly at 19 hours, when I really wanted to be at about 30 hours at this stage, so lots of catching up to do! But not tonight!

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NaNoWriMo – Day 13

2 1/4 hours added to my total tonight – so I’m now at 16 3/4 hours. There were a few more details I wanted to get right, so I focussed on that again, making notes as I went, printing stuff out etc. Old newspapers are a brilliant resource, and there’s so much available online. One interesting fact or a name or an incident leads you to another, and then suddenly new ideas are everywhere!

But now it’s actually Day 14, and I have a busy day ahead of me tomorrow, so I must go to bed so I have the energy to do more Wrimoing tomorrow!

Goodnight Wrimos!

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NaNoWriMo – Day 12

Just one hour tonight – making my total hours 14.5. I’ve now printed out the whole manuscript! It looks so much more like a book when you print it on actual paper instead of looking at it on screen… There’s still some work to be done regarding fact checking and adding some colour to my settings, but once that’s done I’ll run it through Prowriting Aid and then, when I’ve done all I can think of to make it the best it can be, I’ll give it to someone to read (gulp).

(“What if it’s utter crap?” screams my inner critic. To which I respond: “Shut up, you b#$%@&d.”)

Once that’s done, I’ll spend the rest of NaNoWriMo working on one of my other draft novels that I’ve been neglecting all this time. I have SIX of them. OMG.

Well, that’s it for me for tonight. Goodnight Wrimos!

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NaNoWriMo – Day 11

I now have a grand total of 13.5 hours (1.5 hours added tonight). Still quite a bit behind from where I wanted to be, but making progress slowly but surely!

Research is just about done – and then I will do a final rewrite of the bits I’m not so happy with. All I really want is a story that makes sense, has no historical inaccuracies, with characters the reader will care about, and is not total s%$t. I’ve read it so often now – I just need someone else to read it and hopefully not be bored to death! LOL.

But that’s enough for now. Goodnight Wrimos!

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NaNoWriMo – Day 8

Another two hours tonight – mainly research. Tomorrow I will go back to revising and editing.

It’s very easy to fall down the proverbial rabbit hole of research, especially when you’re looking at old newspapers from the 1920s and reading juicy gossip about the movie stars of the time. For example, I found an article about a young Australian actress, Lotus Thompson. She really wanted to be known as a serious actress, but because she had perfect legs, everyone just wanted her to look pretty in bathing suits. So – she poured some kind of acid on her legs in an attempt to disfigure them! Wild. Here’s picture of young Lotus…

There’s so much fascinating detail in those old newspapers and magazines. But now it’s time for bed. Goodnight Wrimos!

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