Camp NaNoWriMo – Day 30

Hi Wrimos

I had to make a decision yesterday – would I try and cram in ten hours of editing in the two nights I had left, or admit defeat?

Well – the bad news is, I gave up – not on my story, as I’ll continue working on that – but on my Camp goal of 50 hours of editing.  I just couldn’t find those ten hours…   If I’d chosen “words” instead of “hours”, I probably could have done it (as I have in the past).  But you can’t “make” more hours… And the pressure I was putting on myself was sucking all the joy out of the creative process, and that’s not what it’s about.  

So I ended up with 41.5 hours (not bad) – and a plan to finish this book.  I know it’s very close to finished (I thought it was closer until I re-read it!) but now I know what I need to do.  And by Monday evening, I want it to be DONE (by which I mean it needs to be ready for someone else to read).  And it’s a long weekend here so I’ve got a bit of extra time…

Anyway, I hope you all achieved what you set out to do during Camp NaNoWriMo.  And if you didn’t quite get there (like me!) – there’s always Camp in July.  Or the big one – NaNoWriMo in November!

I might see you there…

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Camp NaNoWriMo – Day 28

NOOOOO!  I only got two hours done tonight!  I blame the dog.  Just bear with me for a moment…

So, our dog, Winnie, is a Chihuahua/Fox Terrier cross.  We rescued her from the Animal Welfare League in 2007, when she was (we think) about one year old.  So that makes her nearly 14 now.  A few years ago, Winnie had some “tummy trouble”, and ever since then, she hasn’t been able to eat commercial dog food.  So every month or so, I make her up a big batch of boiled chicken, rice, peas and corn.  It takes a couple of hours by the time it’s cooked, cooled down and sorted into batches to freeze.

Well, I had to do that tonight or Winnie would have had no food tomorrow.  And I couldn’t be responsible for that, could I?  And then I had to wash all the dishes…

Now I have only TWO NIGHTS LEFT to make my goal of 50 hours.  And I have a day job so I will have to find nearly TEN HOURS after work.  TEN HOURS.  Aaaaagggghhhh!

Or, alternatively, I fail…


Going to bed now to cry – but at least Winnie will be happy!

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Camp NaNoWriMo – Day 27

Three more hours added tonight – and some new words!  My total is now 38.25 hours.  So I’ve got to find around four hours for the next three nights if I hope to reach my goal of 50 hours…

I’m exhausted just thinking about it!  But – I’m so close…

Now I have to get some sleep though – so goodnight fellow Wrimos!

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Camp NaNoWriMo – Day 26

Hi Wrimos!

I’ve been crook for a few days so I’ve only just got back into the whole wrimo-ing thing…adding five hours tonight.  As my total is now 35.25 hours, I have to find 14.75 hours over the next four days to reach my goal.  Talk about making life difficult for myself!

Well, I’ve done it before and I can do it again (I hope).  I’ll give it my best shot, anyway!

But now I must sleep as it’s back to work (remotely) tomorrow…

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ANZAC Day 2020

ANZAC Day will be celebrated a little differently this year.  Instead of joining the crowds lining the streets, I, like many others, will be standing at the end of my driveway at 6.00am to remember those who served and continue to serve, and to show my gratitude.

ANZAC Day has always been special to me and my family – my great-grandfather, William Berger, fought and was wounded in France and Belgium; my 2nd great-uncle, John Campbell, was killed in action in Belgium in 1917; and my husband’s grandfather, Frederick Russell, fought at Gallipoli – an original ANZAC.  Paul and I discovered that my great-grandfather and his grandfather were both in the 22nd Battalion – but his grandfather was only 19, and my great-grandfather was a married man of 40 with eight children!

Last year, before the coronavirus shut the world down, we were privileged and honoured to visit the battlefields and memorials in Belgium and France.  Paul’s grandfather’s uniform is displayed in the museum at Villers-Bretonneux, and we were also able to visit the gravesite of John Campbell, whose remains rest at the Hooge Crater Cemetery at Ypres, Belgium.

The cemeteries and memorials are truly beautiful, and the lines of white headstones are a stark reminder of all those who were lost.  It was a deeply emotional experience for all of us.



Camp NaNoWriMo – Day 20

After 1.5 hours tonight, I’ve passed 30 hours!  30.25 hours in total.   I’ll finish reading through it tomorrow and tweak it a little more – and then I’m definitely handing it over to some fresh eyes – that is, an actual reader or two!  It’s not ready to be sent out into the world just yet, but it is ready to be read – so my trusty readers can tell me where it needs more work.

That’s it for now.  Hope everyone is staying safe and doing whatever is keeping you sane at the moment!  I’m lucky that I’m still working full time (remotely and in the office) but I’m sure we’ll all appreciate our normal lives so much more when this madness is over…

Hang in there, Wrimos!

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Camp NaNoWriMo – Day 19

A very quick update tonight – I’ve added another 5.25 hours to my total, so I’m now at 28.75 hours.  Woohoo!

Next step is to print out the manuscript and let someone else read it instead of me!  I really need a reader (or two) to tell me if it’s at all interesting as I’ve read it so many times now that I practically know it by heart…

It could be complete and utter rubbish (but I hope not!)  And if it is?  Well, I hope my readers let me down gently!  At least it looks pretty – I’ve spent some time formatting it so that it looks like a real book…

Then for the rest of Camp I can start working on one of my other six drafts, so plenty to do!

That’s it for now – goodnight!

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A Phantastic chance to see my favourite ALW musical!

Don’t miss this – seriously. In case you didn’t know, every week you can see an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical on YouTube. It’s AWESOME.

I was supposed to be writing, but sometimes you’ve just got to lose yourself in a bit of musical magic…

Camp NaNoWriMo – Day 15

Hey Wrimos!

I only added an hour tonight – bringing my total to 23.5 hours (nearly halfway…).  I spent way too much time video chatting with my Mum and my two sisters – which I really needed.  I felt very flat and not very creative at all tonight for the first time since this whole weird, worldwide virus thing started…

So if you’re struggling to get those words on the page (or get out of your pyjamas), I feel you.  Sometimes it just won’t happen, especially when we’re all living through a major, historic, worldwide health crisis!  (By the way, I’m over being a part of history – can we go back to normal please?)

I know this feeling will pass – and we’re all in this together – etc.  But I suppose sometimes it’s OK to NOT feel OK…

But enough of that.  I’ll be back to my cheery (some would say annoying) optimistic self tomorrow.  Chin up, Wrimos!

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