Well, it's out there.  The Book.  The book of all books.  The bookiest book of them all!

I may be a little delirious from the fame and fortune which is now my life.  J.K. Rowling.  Huh!  What an amateur!  (Just kidding, I love you, J.K.!!)

16th May was the big launch.  If you want to see a very unflattering picture of me (surely that old duck isn't the vibrant young thing I see in the mirror every day?) check out the Ten Penners Vox page.  (And by the way, I read from "Black Cats, Bullies and Boils", not "The Princess and the Tramp", although they are equally brilliant if I may say so myself!! :-))

The launch was exciting and terrifying all at once, but I guess us famous writers have to get used to putting ourselves out there.  Sigh.  I guess I'll have to fight off paparazzi – papparazzi- pappa – photographer type people – every day now.  And I'll have to hire a bodyguard – the price of fame is high.  Just thank your lucky stars you're not me.  🙂

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