Well, the Easter break was a “write off” (see what I did there?) and I did absolutely nothing to progress my novel.  So I’ve reduced my goal from 60 to 30 hours.  (Fortunately the Camp rules allow you to do that if you change it before 20 April, otherwise I would have been completely screwed.)   So to get myself back in the creative mood, I’ve spent around an hour tonight researching Australian film in the early 1920’s – both online and by reading a book (that my Mum had in her extensive collection!) on Charles and Elsa Chauvel, pioneering Australian movie makers.  It’s fascinating stuff.  And if you’re interested in Australian film, early or otherwise, check out the Australian Screen website (https://aso.gov.au/), which includes news clips dating back to 1896 (the Melbourne Cup), and feature films from as early as 1906 (“The Story of the Kelly Gang”).  But now I must go to bed!  Tomorrow – I must do proper writing stuff.