Hey Wrimos!  I’ve added another two hours to my total tonight – so I’ve now done 27.5 hours.  My word count is 51,154, but of course, they’re not all new words, so I’m not “validating” my novel until I reach 50 hours of editing/rewriting/revising.  That’s the NaNo Rebel way.

With only one more weekend and just over a week until that 30 November deadline, I’m really going to have to go hard to reach my goal.  But I’m absolutely determined to finally finish this long-stalled manuscript.  I’ve had so many goes at it, it’s just not funny.  Over the last couple of weeks though, it’s started heading in new directions that have really given it life.  There was definitely something missing from my earlier attempts.

Anyway, that’s all I’m doing tonight.  Here’s a little cartoon for you…old macdonald

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