Oh boy.  Not as productive a day as I’d hoped today!  I only added three hours to my total, bringing it to 33 hours.  However those three hours gave me lots of good ideas, so there’s that.

Although I’m over the word count in my novel (52,047) it’s not a “win” for me yet as I already had nearly 40,000 words written.  So basically, if I’m to reach my NaNo Rebel goal of 50 hours editing/researching/rewriting, I have to find 17 more hours over the next five days/nights.  Gulp.  That would be OK if I didn’t have to, you know, go to work and stuff!  And also if I hadn’t bumbled around all weekend avoiding my laptop…

On the up side, I work better under pressure!

Here’s Chris Hemsworth for no particular reason.  Goodnight!

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