Well, we’re really at the pointy end now, Wrimos.  

I managed another four hours tonight, bringing my total hours to 41.  Only nine to go to reach my goal, and two nights to do it in!

I’m pretty happy though – I found some incredible photos for character inspiration and worked on a thorough timeline so I can bring it all together in the final stretch.  

My novel is based in the silent movie era in Australia, and most of the action takes place between 1922 and 1926.  I had a lot of fun finding photos of movie stars of around that era, and I’m going to share them with you now.  

This is Carole Lombard, who “plays” my main female character, Amelia.
This is Louise Lovely, who “plays” Amelia’s sister, Louisa.
This gorgeous creature is a very young Gary Cooper, who “plays” my leading man, Sam.
And – you’ll never guess who this is.  Go on.  Guess!

OK.  I’ll tell you.  It’s JOHN WAYNE.  I know, right?  Boy, that’s one hot cowboy.  Anyway, John “plays” Joe, my second main male character.
And this is Louise Brooks, who “plays” Sara, a character who is very important but I’m not telling you why!

Aren’t they all just perfect?  

Until tomorrow, goodnight!

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