Well, I made it!  After doing five (very long) hours tonight, I completed my goal of 50 hours (with 30 minutes to spare).  My official total for the novel I’ve been working on (of which I think I’ve added about 20,000 words during November, plus a lot of rewriting and moving bits around) was 57,507.

I’m absolutely knackered.  The four hours I did last night nearly finished me off, particularly as I didn’t get there until midnight and then I had to get up at 6.30am for work!!!  Thank goodness it’s Saturday tomorrow.  A little sleep in is in order, I think!

I hope you all reached your goal, whatever it was, my fellow Wrimos.  And even if you didn’t get there, you’ve wound up with more words than you had on 1 November.

I hope now to make the final tweaks to this novel and, finally, get it out of my drafts and into the world!  But not tonight. 

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